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Thu, Jun. 30th, 2005, 07:40 am
space_monkey_m: Canceled

The X-Men project has been canceled for now, due to unreliable cast and crew. :(

New film projects are currently in the works.
More info when they develop.

Thu, Jan. 20th, 2005, 04:35 am
space_monkey_m: New Project! X-Men Trailer

Lunchbox Productions is proud and excited to announce our next project, a trailer for an X-Men movie that will never be made!
"Huh?" You may be asking yourself. "What are you talking about?"

Inspired by the genius and fun Grayson trailer, I've decided that it'd be fun to make a comic book movie trailer as well.

It's still in the early brainstorming phases, but I'll let ya in on what I've got so far.
It's not going to be based on any of the movies. The character costumes and personalities will be more faithful to the comic books. (Though, due to a low budget, some character's may only appear in street clothes.)
I hope to include as many X-Men as possible, but here are the ones planned to show up:

Wolverine - (description)
Nightcrawler - (description)
Rogue - (description)
Gambit - (description)
Cyclops - (description)
Beast - (description)
Shadowcat - (description)
Jubilee - (description)
Professor Xavier - (description)
Magneto - (description)
Quicksilver - (description)
Mystique - (description)

Some of these may be cut later due to budget and/or lack of actors.

It's sure to be packed with action and humor, as well as plenty of special effects.
(Both physical and computer generated)
(And just in case anyone wants to give me a cease and desist order, this trailer is just being made as a fan film. We will not make a profit on it.)

The as of yet unnamed X-Men trailer should be done before the end of March.
Stay tuned for updates!

Thu, Jan. 20th, 2005, 01:16 am
space_monkey_m: Welcome to the Lunchbox - Current Projects - SMM ep 2

Hey there! How's is going?
Welcome to the Lunchbox Productions Live Journal.
The purpose of this site is to give updates on any projects that we are working on.
If we release anything or have a film playing somewhere, you can find that info here as well.

"Lunchbox Productions" is the business name in which I (Mandy Kuhns) release my projects under.
The biggest project that I have going on right now is the Space Monkey Mafia animated series. Currently in production is episode 2 which is tentatively titled "The Convention from Hell". The animation is underway, but it's taking longer than expected.

Here is the current crew list for episode 2 of the Space Monkey Mafia.

Writer - Mandy Kuhns
Voices - Loren McGrew
Animation - Mandy Kuhns
Additional Ideas - Loren McGrew
Creative Consultant - Ken Kuhns
Additional Voices - TBA

It's about 19% finished.
A release date is not set yet.

Please check back for more updates on this project and more!